High School Planning
Post-Secondary Planning
If you are heading to Post-Secondary, be it University, College, Trade or Technical School, please read through the following for guidance regarding planning the next stage of your educational journey! The first step is to successfully complete your High School Diploma in AB and to have taken any courses that are required pre-requisites for specific programs or faculties you are wanting to enter after graduation. If there was a subject you weren't able to achieve or complete, there are opportunities to upgrade after you graduate. Please speak to the School Counsellor about the possibilities. University Applications in Alberta: Create an account on APPLY ALBERTA (check the website for participating post-secondary institutions) Other Canadian Universities or International Schools: Be sure to go to the University of choice website to search for information about entrance requirements, application deadlines and processes. If you cannot find what you need, be sure to call the Admissions Office to speak to someone about your application. Be sure to have your questions written down and record the necessary information during the phone call.
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