Construction 8

Students are nearing completion of the triangular peg game.  This equalateral triangle is laid out without using any numerical values.  The only resources permitted for student use are the following:



Straight Edge (not a ruler)


Each triangle has 15 equally spaced holes with equal length dowels as jump-pegs.  Bonus marks for using the least amount of resources for layout.

This project introduces students to the following power tools:


Miter Saw


Belt/Disc Sander

Drill Press


Our next project will be the 1/4 sheet sanding block.


Nov. 10

Most students have completed their peg game.  Marked projects have been of some of the best quality I have seen.  Students have been more focussed as of late, and have demonstrated more mature behavior in the lab.  Students can expect a safety test on fire extinguishers shortly.

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