Ms. Howse

Welcome back to school! This semester I am teaching;

Foods 7/8/9
ELA 30-2
High School Foods
High School Drama

If you have any questions and need to contact me, please email me at or contact during school hours at 403-945-5665.

Follow what is going on in our classroom on twitter! @KatieHowse2

Study Tips

1. Read the information before you go to bed and get a goodnights sleep. Sleeping will help your brain to process the information you read and will make it easier to recall in the morning.

2. Take good notes. Make sure you take good notes in class you can colour code them to help you remember better. Make sure you READ the notes you took.

3. Keep a calendar of all your homework and important dates so that you do not miss any of them. Being organized will help you to be successful in school.


Wooo! Lets get ready to make some amazing memories this year!

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