Welcome to Miss. Peckham's Homepage

Miss. Peckham has taken over for Ms. Houle and will be teaching the below classes for the remainder of the school year;

Science 8-2
PE 6, 7 & 8
Outdoor Education

To contact, please email epeckham@rockyview.ab.ca or call 403-946-5665.

Home Study Tips for Parents/Students

Physical Education & Health

  1. Have your child perform 30 minutes of physical activity daily.
  2. Your child should have an organized P.E./Health duotang, which will hold their fitness record sheets, class handouts, quizzes and self reflections.

Science, Outdoor Ed

  1. Please see the course outline for a list of materials required for the course as well as how your child will be assessed throughout the year.
  2. Your child should have an organized binder, which will hold their notes, handouts, assignments/projects and quizzes/tests.  They are expected to bring all their supplies to every class.
  3. Should your child fall behind (from missed classes or failing to submit assignments), they will be expected to catch up during PLOT block times.  An email will be sent home to advise parents about their child's progress in class.
  4. Tutorial sessions are available during PLOT block times.  Students should see me if they are struggling with concepts or need some assistance.  They can also email me with any questions they have!
  5. Don't be afraid to ask your child what they are learning in class!  Have them show you some of their work and explain the concepts to you!

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