I am honoured and excited to be working with your daughter/son as we team up together to tackle this year of science and math curriculum together. Grade 6 is a huge year, with lots of fun and exciting new information to cover and lots of areas to explore. I think that we have a great year of learning to look forward to, and with a little luck we just may accidentally have a bit of fun along the way! I would like to quickly introduce myself.  My name is Jordan Lawson, and I will be teaching your little bundles of joy Science, Math and Robotics this semester at W.G. Murdoch School. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I can be reached by telephone, or email and am available for meetings before and after school.


Study tips for students:

1. Come to class prepared to learn with an open mind and the intention/willingness to learn.

2. Stay focused on the task at hand as this will help you to be efficient. Don't distract others and don't let others distract you.

3. If you are struggling with a concept or with homework, please do not hesitate to pop by and talk with me. I am always available before and after school as well as at lunch, so we can always arrange a time if extra help or instruction is needed!


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