Welcome to Mr. Overguard's Home Page

Welcome to Mr. Overguard's Home Page!

My courses in the first semester are Social 30-2, Social 20-1, Personal Psychology 20, Health 9-3, and Phys Ed 9-2.

Please note that ALL due dates are clearly posted in the classroom and students are reminded frequently of timelines for assignments and projects. Regardless of what information is posted or not posted online, there is no excuse for missing due dates. Most course content will also be posted in Google Classroom.

If students or parents have any questions or issues they can contact me via phone at the school: (403)-946-5665 or via email at: goverguard@rockyview.ab.ca

Please be advised that as a general rule I only closely monitor this email during school hours. Emails sent during evenings, weekends, or holidays, will be replied to within 24 hours of the next regular school day or as soon as possible.

If you have general questions about student grades, course content, or class expectations please consult the appropriate Course Outline first as this document should answer most questions.


In all of my core Social classes, student marks on major essays and exams are final. There are no re-writes allowed after the fact. However, at the end of a course, all students' performance on major assessments is evaluated and IF there is found to be one outlying mark then that mark MAY be dropped, adjusted, or "curved" - AT THE TEACHER'S DISCRETION. Such adjustments are only made if the student is otherwise in good standing in terms of assignment completion, attendance, behaviour, and effort. An example would be if a student had written three major unit exams and received grades of 85%, 80%, and 55% - the 55 would be a clear outlier and MAY end up being adjusted or omitted from the calculation of the student's final course grade.

For other policies concerning the submission of late assignments, please refer to the course outlines posted on each course page.



1. Students at all levels should keep informed about current events going on in their local community, in Canada, and in the world. The easiest way to do this is by downloading a news app to your smart phone or other device. CBC News, CTV News, CNN, BBC, and the Calgary Herald all have apps that I have used. Students may also read the newspaper or magazines or watch daily TV news to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the world around them.

2. Students MUST complete all textbook readings. Time is given to complete these in class, however there will be times where students will have to finish reading chapters at home in order to stay on pace as we move through the course. Students who are experiencing difficulty should also re-read sections on their own time as necessary. If you don't understand something you read - ASK ME! I'm always more than happy to help!

3. Students MUST come prepared to every class. Generally, this means students need their textbook, their Social Studies notebook/binder, a pen, and all other handouts and material given in class.

4. Significant portions of class time are spent in class discussions of current events and course content and if students are absent it is difficult to recreate the knowledge and skills students gain in these discussions. Students should strive to attend every class, although I will make every effort possible to bring absent students up to speed on what they have missed.

NOTE: It is the STUDENT'S RESPONSIBILITY to ask the teacher for material missed upon their return to school.

5. When studying for quizzes and unit exams the students' first step should always be to review notes given in class and other handouts of information. It is often helpful for students to make a "cheat sheet" or flashcards of the most important ideas so that a friend or family member can quiz them to help them study. Students or parents who want more detailed and personalized study tips should discuss this with Mr. O.

6. Most importantly... ASK QUESTIONS! The most important social studies skill is CRITICAL THINKING which involves asking "WHY?" about anything and everything! Students are challenged to question everything that is going on in the world around them and to seek deep, meaningful answers to these questions. Furthermore, it is my experience that students learn best when they ask LOTS of questions, so please, ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS!

If students have any questions they aren't comfortable asking in class they are ALWAYS welcome to track me down before or after school or to email me with their thoughts.

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