Principal's Message

Welcome to the W.G. Murdoch School. At W.G. Murdoch, we exist to serve our students in a relational manner that strives to see them enjoy learning.

Our school is a multi-level school that approximately 360 people call home. Being the only secondary school in the community, we strive to approach learning in a 'family' environment. I'm proud to say student's at W.G. Murdoch are known and cared for.

How we care for our students evolves from year to year with the changing student needs and staff skills. We have a flexible block in every day, called P.L.O.T., which allows our students a slice of choice in their daily schedule. Often we see our high school kids select teachers they need to connect with academically as well as personally. Again, we feel learning best occurs when student's social and emotional needs are met. Luckily we are part of High School Redesign which allows us the flexibility to explore ideas within the timetable to effectively meet our students needs.

We are thrilled to have a terrific student support team that includes administration, a full time counsellor, a learning support teacher, as well as community supports. Through the variety of people in these roles, we proactively work with students to meet their needs as well as react to emergent issues as they arise throughout the day.

Student success in class is critical. Our teachers work tirelessly to put student's needs first and create environments in their classes that don't simply focus on covering content, but engaging students in their learning. We know the world that students are in is much different than the one we were educated in. How we prepare them for this is critical. We believe the skills that our students need to thrive in 2017 and beyond include flexibility, adaptability, and problem solving. We strive to integrate these competencies into our classroom settings while ensuring students are learning what they need to.

Through the data we are able to collect, we know that extra curricular engagement is critical to creating a school culture that is positive. We offer numerous extra curricular opportunities for students through athletics, clubs, and our robust leadership program. Throughout the year, you'll see our calendar fill up with sporting events, assemblies, guest speakers, authentic learning opportunities, and much more. We know that when kids are engaged and excited to come to school, they are far more willing to learn.

Our motto at Murdoch is "Together We Make a Difference". We firmly believe that what we can accomplish together as school and community far exceeds our individual abilities. Operating in a smaller environment allows us to live and work in relationship. This does bring challenges but the benefits far outweigh them.

We continue to work on the guiding principles above to help create an environment where staff, students, and parents feel valued.

Thank you,



Mr. Ryan Reed                                                                Ms. Gladys Brown

Principal                                                                          Assistant Principal

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