W.G. Murdoch Supply List 2017/2018

Grade 6 –

Digital device, optional but preferred (netbook, tablet, notebook, laptop), 2 binders (large, preferably two different colors), two sets of dividers, 2 boxes of pencils, erasers, 3 pens, 2 packages of loose leaf paper (at least 200 sheets), graph paper, 10 duo tangs, scissors, standard calculator (not scientific), ruler, geometry set, box of tissues, pencil crayons, markers, glue stick, pencil case (soft, zipper closed, no pencil boxes), water bottle and gym strip (which can be purchased at the school).

Grade 7 –

All of above plus calculator, journal, reinforcements, rulers, duo tangs, folder for binder (that close for loose documents).

Grade 8 –

All of  above plus pencils, pen, paper, eraser, pencil crayons, ruler, markers, calculator, ruler, markers, calculator, geometry set, graph paper.

Grade 9 –

All of above plus binders, paper, pencil crayons, pen, pencils and a scientific calculator that can do squares and exponents.  TI83’s may NOT be used for PAT’s.

Grade 10 –

All of above plus TI83 calculator.  Paper, pens and pencils a must.

Grade 11 –

All of above.  Paper, pens and pencils a must.

Grade 12 –

All of above.  Paper, pens and pencils a must.

All Grades -

All PE students must change out for physical education.  WGM gym strip can be purchased for $30 or a change of clothes (t-shirt, hoodie, black or navy shorts/pants).  All PE students should have pencils and a duo tang available.

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