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Hello! This semester I am teaching English Language Arts 30-1, 20-2, as well as Computer Systems 7, Digital Photography, and Network Technology.

Percy Bysshe Shelley

English 30-1 and 20-2 course calendars are online and will show the units that I expect to cover and will also contain some traking of daily activities that students can use to see what we did if they are absent from class.

Computer Systems 7, and Network Technology will both be held on B days, and will cover a variety of computer technology theory and skills.  Computer Systems will focus primarily on content creation in different programs while Network Technology will allow students to explore how computers communicate in a network and how the Internet functions as a global network.

Digital Photography will be held on A days and will be centered around helping students compose, take and edit better photos.  Much of the course will involve allowing the students to do photo scavenger hunts and daily photo challenges to help them with thier creativity, and of course to take more photos because the best way to learn photography is to take more pictures.

Please feel free to contact me at 403-946-5665 or email me: kylarsen or students may use my RVS gmail: kylarsen

Study Tips

Students in English Language Arts should:

1) be sure that they are caught up on assignments, and are ready to hand work in on due dates.

2) be sure to review grammar and vocabulary presented in class regularly.

3) read something that interests them for a minimum of 15 minutes a night.

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