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Please use this page to access important documents such as course outlines and links to key resources. However, many of the daily assignments, announcements, and etc. will either be located on the course Google Classroom Page, or Moodle Page. Please ask your son or daughter to navigate to the links in their grades folder and show you how we utilize these resources together.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me

via email at

or by phone at 403-946-5665


In all of my classes:

  • student marks on major essays and exams are final with no rewrites or resubmissions.
  • students may have opportunity on minor assignments and quizzes to perform corrections and hand them in on an established date for a recovery of partial marks.

For other policies concerning the submission of late assignments, please refer to the course outlines posted on each course page.

Study Tips

1. Math 9 students should be completing at least 15 minutes of work or review per night.

2. Math 10C students should be spending 30 minutes on that days lesson(s) practice per night.

3. Math 20-1, Math 30-1, and Math 31 students should be spending between 30 minutes and 1 hour completing practice or assignment work every night.

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